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Wherever the location, whatever the type of boat, we can cover all options to make your wedding plans a reality. From boats with a capacity of 5 to 1500 guests, we can provide the perfect vessel for your celebration.
Do you have a boat of your own?
Great! We can customize it for you to make your ideal wedding a reality.



A boat perfect for intimate weddings, with no more than 40 guests on board. Style and class for those looking for a romantic and exclusive atmosphere.
Yate moderno

Modern Yacht

Small, medium, big and huge. Modern yachts are floating luxury, with capacities ranging from 10 to 80 guests.
Yate Clásico

Classic Yacht

For that classic, grand and traditional touch. Ships with rich history, some of which have belonged to Royalty. A failsafe option.

Sailing Boat

Few weddings are more romantic than those celebrated on a sailing boat Perfect for weddings between 5 and 50 guests.
Velero Clásico/Goleta

Classic sailing ships / schooner

These are larger sailing boats. Constructed of wood with capacities of 20 to 100 guests


The best option for larger, dynamic celebrations. With capacities from 12 to 200 guests, catamarans are a perfect match for the more relaxed wedding.
Catamarán a motor

Motor Catamaran

These boats are tremendously versatile and can suit any wedding between 50 to 600 guests. Very stable, with several decks and perfect for transforming with effective interior decoration.
Barcos Históricos / Galeón

Historic ships / Galleon

Want to get married on a boat from a movie or a pirate ship? We have them all. Available for up to 150 guests.


If you want to get married while you cruise the Mediterranean, Caribbean or Nordic fjords then come a board! A perfect combination of your wedding and honeymoon. The number of guests is up to you.
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