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Silvia Bellot - Events Designer

Silvia brings the inspiration and the confidence. Her experience stems from more than a decade of work in the area of interior design, combined with the creation and design of high-level events for large multinational companies.
Silvia is easygoing but at the same time, dynamic. Her creative and results driven work style helps couples to relax and really enjoy creating the wedding of their dreams.

We believe that weddings are to enjoy from time zero. Therefore, we take care of everything. And when we say everything it means that you do not have to worry about anything.

When you start designing a wedding aboard a boat, the first thing to decide is which wedding phases will be celebrated on board. All this can depend on many factors and decisions; the design of the various areas, the ceremony, the banquet, the reception. Do you want the ceremony on board and the banquet and reception in a secluded bay or cove?
Once we know what you want, how you want it and where you want it, its time to get busy.

It's time to draw up the first drafts of the design of your wedding. Colours, guest lists, flowers, lights, surprises…..
I have always seen a boat as a non-conventional space. A unique wedding location that shows individuality and character.

Boats bring glamour, exclusivity and intimacy. Those who are not on board are "not on the list".

Lastly we need to get down to the details. These are the details that make our wedding unique. To achieve this, we need to find and achieve that level of confidence between you and my team. We love to surprise and leave the guests with their mouths hanging open in amazement. These are the moments we always remember with a smile and the guests never forget. We're waiting to make your dream day come true.

On Board Team

At Seas Of Weddings we value the privacy of our clients. To enable us to achieve this, we optimize the number of our team members on board to ensure the right levels of intimacy.
Due to the number of different scenarios possible for your special celebration, we adjust our teams accordingly. On a boat, a lower, more discrete presence is recommended (Wedding Planner, crew and little else). If the wedding is held on a beach or in a bay or cove, we can have a larger team taking care of you as our presence will be more diluted across a larger area. Our objective is always to achieve the optimal, most efficient, but discrete team for you.
What we do guarantee is that everything will be organized down to the the last detail and you will not notice our presence.

Added values:

  • Exclusive environments and venues
  • Organization from beginning to end
  • One Point of Contact
  • Interior designers
  • Weddings Planners
  • International events
  • Personalized advice

Why you should choose us?

Seas of Weddings belongs to a company that is a business leader in nautical recreation.
Operating under the umbrella of Grupo Navega, Seas Of Weddings enjoys the support found within a structure evolved from more than fifteen years of continuous business within the events and nautical tourism sectors.
The Seas of Weddings team have achieved a unique market position, creating an exclusive product where their clients can realize their dreams across five continents.

For more than 15 years we have been lucky enough to have worked doing what we love the most. We have grown as a company because our passion has always been our principal driver.

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