Seas of Weddings - FAQs


Does the boat move?

All boats move, but some more than others. A sailboat or schooner will always move more than a catamaran. Its worth considering that a boat moves more at anchor in a cove or off a beach than if we are moored in port .

However, this should not worry you. The percentage of guests who experience sea sickness during a wedding is very small, as we always research the best possible option for a wedding boat, to ensure comfort for all guests.

Is there space for all the guests?


The first thing we need to clarify is the number of guests attending the event. From there we will make sure you have the perfect wedding boat. You should take into account that we need to have a number of our team on board (catering, ceremony officiant, crew, etc).

Thought should be given to which phases of the wedding are to be held on board. The phases usually consist of ceremony, banquet and reception.

Once we have agreed on all this information, we can propose a perfect location that will be best suited to celebrate your wedding on board.

Where do we work?

Seas of Weddings operates globally, designing very special weddings all over the world. Supported by the overarching structure of Grupo Navega across five continents, we help our customers to celebrate premier events wherever they are, wherever they live and wherever they want to celebrate their wedding.

Can we sail?

Of course. In fact we recommend it!! If you're going to celebrate your wedding on a boat, one of the most unique aspects of it is the ability to move between unique and exclusive locations.

How do we organise your wedding?

At Seas of Weddings we want to make your planning easy. This way you can enjoy each stage, creating your perfect wedding.

From the first meeting, you will have an assigned member of our team as your point of contact, who will help and advise you on any decision. The confidence built between you and us will be our greatest asset. From there, we will plan all the details always putting your objectives and vision first.

Should all the services be hired with us ?

There is no requirement to use us as your exclusive provider. We of course prefer to work with our suppliers because we have experience and a track record with them. We will however welcome any of your trusted partners to the team to organize your wedding.

How much time is needed to prepare the wedding?

It all depends if you have a definitive date in mind. If you do, it is important to choose your boat as soon as possible, so we can guarantee availability. Once we have this organised, we can relax a little. Typical planning time takes about two months minimum, but we have catered for exceptions ... in record time.

Can you help me with the guests?

It is one of our specialties. Seas of Weddings is a travel agency and therefore we can offer everything from hotel reservations to flights and any needs your guests may have. We also specialize in Honeymoons on the coast and at sea.

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